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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


  • There is an high emphasis on Electrified, Connected and Automated in Mobility world. With local players becoming more stronger, there is a significant shift in the state of the art solutions and this means a better consumer demands requiring premium features at affordable prices. Agnile is fuelled by this fundamental principle to offer niche services at competitive price to our customers. Software solutions inline with ASPICE (System & Software) 

  • Functional Safety Consultancy to cater ASIL Level A to Level D inline with ISO26262

  • Cyber Security solutions to cater UNECE norms UN155, UN156 inline with ISO21434

  • Software Solutions to comply with Euro & Bharat Sage Emission Norms 

  • Software services to cater E/E Architecture portfolio 

  • Trainings & Consultation for Functional Safety & Cyber Security


  • Growing demands of domestic and internal travels inspite of biological restrictions has given multi-fold opportunities in the aviation industry. Are we ready to tackle the challenges associate with this. This is how Agnile is ready to shape and drive the business for you!!

  • Verification & Validation services covering all aspects of System and Software 

  • Software Development in accordance to Design Assurance Level A to Level E

  • Enable successful SOI-3 audit 

  • Value added services which includes Automation, Control & Data Coupling, Tool Validation

  • Compliance to various standards DO-178C and DO-254 


  • Newer technologies has made Industry 4.0 more accessible, however Automation still plays a major central role across domains. Automation plays a strategic role to significantly meet cost and schedule timelines with higher reliability. We consider Automation in every opportunity to reap the benefits!! 

  • Continuous Development & Deployment 

  • Continuous Integration and Test Automation 

  • Automation with PowerBI 

  • Home Automation 

IT Solutions

  • Government Sector: State of the Art Software solutions to enable IT and Embedded infrastructure

  • Android and iOS application development 

  • End to End IT solutions for Warehouse, SuperMarkets, eCommerce space 

  • UX tools and applications for various domains 

  • Verification and Validation of IT applications 

Data Analytics

  • Build static and dynamic dashboard as per business needs 

  • Deploy data predication models to help

  • Solutions to healthcare & agriculture space to develop reliable applications 

Agile Transformation 

  • Support in Enterprise Agile Transformation 

  • Agile & Safe® Consultation 

  • Enable Lean Transformation 

  • Improve Efficiency by Value Stream Mapping 

  • Training, Mentoring and Coaching for Agile Teams, Project Management and Agile Master

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