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Automotive Cyber Security Services provided by Agnile Tecnologies company. microccontroller safeguarded by threats from internet

Cyber Security

Agnile is your go-to source for trusted automotive cyber security solutions. Our team of experts is passionate about helping automotive companies secure their vehicles with the latest technologies. We are dedicated to providing the most reliable security solutions to keep your vehicles safe from cyber attacks. We have extensive experience in the automotive industry and employ the most up-to-date defense strategies to protect your vehicles.

Automotive Cyber Security Software Solutions by Agnile Technologies


  • Security application development using HSM (Ex: Immobilizer)

  • HSM firmware, AUTOSAR CryptoStack integration and configuration

  • SW development Complying with Secure Hardware Extension (SHE)

Automotive Cyber Security software Solutions developed by Agnile Technologies


  • Secure data storage & Security events logging

  • Secure Boot, Authenticated boot & Secure Flashing

  • Secure Diagnostics & Secure Onboard Communication

  • Over The Air – FOTA & SOTA

Automotive Cyber Security Process Consulting by Agnile Technologies. UNECE R155, R156, ISO 21434, CSMS, SUMS


  • UNECE R155 – Cyber Security Management System (CSMS)

  • UNECE R156 – Software Update Management System

  • ISO 21434 compliance

Cyber Security Validation Process by Agnile Technologies

Security Validation

  • Functional Security Tests, Defensive Coding Tests, Fuzz Testing, Vulnerability Scanning

  • Tuning protection Tests

  • Security Tests for series production

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