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Area of Work

Join us and be part of our dynamic team! We are looking  for professionals in Research & Development, Embedded Solutions, Quality Management, Finance & Accounting, Human Resource, Administration, Purchase, Sales & Marketing, and Logistics. Let's make a difference together.

Research & Development

As an Research and Development Engineer, your role is to drive the research, design, and development of innovative products which are not good to have rather must to have products which will help Environment, betterment for human ecology and also help day to day necessities. You will work closely with cross-functional teams, including market research team, product managers, designers and engineers to bring new idea from concept to market. Your primary responsibility also includes ensuring the successful realization of new ideas into commercially viable solutions to all segment of society.

Embedded Solutions

As an Embedded Software Engineer, your role is to design, develop, and maintain software solutions for embedded systems. You will work closely with Hardware engineers, System Engineers, V&V engineers, and product managers, to deliver high-quality embedded software. Your primary responsibility will be to develop efficient and reliable software solutions that meet the requirements of embedded systems and devices.

Finance & Accounting

As part of Finance & accounting team, you shall take care of overall accounts management including Profit and Loss and also balance sheet statements, Preparing Target Business Plan, maintain the forecasts QoQ inline with business progression and performance. Reports are shared with Board of Directors MoM with plan V/S actuals and also highlighting potential risks. You shall also take care of overall auditing, accounts payment, support purchase team and other internal delivery functions You will be tracking the payments from our customers with defined SLA to ensure healthy cash flow.


As part of Procurement team, your fundamental role is to get the best product and services for Agnile at a cost that is impossible to get in world wide market. You shall bring in the suppliers who are credible in the Market and who has a track record of reliability in the Global market. You shall optimise overall procurement request internally by effective utilization of available resource. You will moderate overall procurement process which includes – Invoicing, Material check, Manage Supply chain and also Customs approval

Sales & Marketing

As an Agnile Ambassador, you’re responsible to connect our engineering teams vision and capabilities to our customers and partners. You will work with engineering teams and evaluate new market technology trends and also what are our customer needs and how Agnile can pitch in and provide value added solutions to our customers. You will be face of Agnile, your capabilities, actions and quick decision making skills will be of very much importance and that will build a perception on overall Agnile brand.


As an Logistic Engineer, you will be responsible for all material movements within and outside the Agnile facility. You shall maintain the inventory list and track every asset that belongs to Agnile and also all the returnable and non-returnable assets which are delivered by our Customers and partners. You shall work closely with customs for all kind of materials import from Rest of the World and also you will work with internal delivery teams to ensure any kind of shipment to our customers and partners across the Globe.

Human Resource

As a people’s champion, the fundamental role is to bring the best talent on board and enable the surrounding environment for the employee retention. You will work closely with Engineering team for - employee connect, support in performance evaluation, responsible for team integration activities, preparation of revised compensation & communication, support in Payroll Processing. You shall develop/upgrade/modify the HR policies. You shall be the voice of Agnile at Universities and Colleges and you would help candidates for better transition from College to corporate. You shall also work with immigration team and other stakeholders for enabling the global travel infrastructure.

Quality Management

As a Quality Champion, your responsibility is to ensure that all the piece and part of the work that we deliver from Agnile meets the highest quality standards agreed with our customer and partners. You will develop the Quality process and you shall roll out the KPI for each business unit and shall track this MoM with the Delivery heads. Define, deploy and track the process performance indicators. You will be responsible for tracking the Quality Control and Quality Assurance activities for all the Projects at Agnile. You shall connect with external agencies and enable the ISO and industry grade quality certifications for Agnile.


As a Facility Manager, your primary responsibility is to oversee the efficient operation and maintenance of a company's physical infrastructure and facilities. You will be responsible for ensuring that the facilities are safe, functional, and conducive to the organization's operations. Your role will involve managing various aspects of facility management, including maintenance, security, space planning, Environmental Sustainability, Compliance and Regulations, Budgeting and Cost Control and vendor management.

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