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automotive functional safety services provided by Agnile Techologies. More car with electronics

Functional Safety

At Agnile, we are passionate about helping car manufacturers and suppliers create safe and reliable products. Our team of engineers specializes in automotive functional safety, providing services such as risk assessments and hazard analyses. We also offer safety training courses to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to create a safe and secure vehicle. Our goal is to ensure that your vehicles meet the highest safety standards, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

functional safety software solutions


  • BSW development for different uC families inline ISO 26262 compliance

  • ASW development for different embedded applications

  • Develop & integrate the Safety Library packages & ERRATA evaluation

  • RTOS and Multicore SW Development

  • SPI, ADC drivers & monitoring software

iso 26262 process consulting


  • Defining and Deploying the safety process and guidelines

  • Lead Safety Audits and Safety Assessments

  • Enable partners for FSCP certification with state of the art trainings

functional safety system solutions


  • Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment (HARA), Functional & Technical Safety Concepts (FSC & TSC), System & Software Safety Requirements

  • Product Safety concepts (PSC)

  • Software Safety Analysis covering Dependent Failure Analysis (DFA), FMEA, FTA, FMEDA

functional safety validation


  • Verification & Validation of FSC, TSC, System & SW Safety Requirements

  • Test simulation SW for validating Latent faults

  • Test methodologies/types as per ISO26262 for various ASIL level s/w. Validation of UCB/DCF records settings

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